Aug 29, 2011

Just hanging in the sun

My favorite pieces from Sass and Bide Spring/ Summer named "A winning day"

As you already know I am obsessed with rainbows and lots of colour. I mean I still marvel at the colours of a rainbow paddle pop. Sad I know. So you can imagine my excitement for Sass and Bide’s new collection “ A winning day”

Aug 22, 2011

Another thing I just found to obsess over, are these Miu Miu glittered sneakers, oh and the Cartier love bracelet which I think the gold one needs to be on my wrist immediately. 

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Aug 21, 2011

Its a need, not a want.

I have to admit, I am sometimes very slow of the trends. Some people just hit the mark just as something is new and amazing, I usually catch on as it has sold out globally. Say for example the Isabel Marant Beckett Sneaker, now I have seen Pip Edwards wearing these on a few occasions and also a colleague of mine, has a pair. Although I have seen pics of these deelightful sneakers for sometime now, I have had no interest in wearing or owning a pair. Switch to now, my eyes have been stimulated by seeing 2 drop dead gorgeous girls wearing them, who are effortlessly cool, that can make jean and a simple white tee look like they just sashayed of the catwalk......

Now that I have actually discovered that these shoes are not just practical they are just plain fantastic, they are sold out.....EVERYWHERE....i mean every Internet site I can think off. Next step....convince BF that we need to fly somewhere to buy these very life changing shoes....i think i need the all black or the beige pair

Aug 18, 2011

This Givenchy bag may become my new obsession, Watch out BF, your life may become unbearable......

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