May 31, 2011


What miserable weather..i am sitting on the couch, dreading having to unpack, yes we had to move in the rain yesterday. Well not me, as I was at work but my wonderful bestie moved the house in the unpacking....procrastinating and cleaning the old house...

While I am doing this I am planning my next holiday, any suggestions on where to head to??? Here are some pictures for a gloomy day, sorry about the picture of Stitch but it reminds me of my dog so i had to put it up.

Pics from streetsfn, elinkling, various other blogs and my own pic of Positano


May 19, 2011

here i am

okay, so I haven’t posted in yonks, life has been mental. I have just started my own business, working another job...oh and its my bday...the last year of my 20’s...bless. You forget how nice birthdays are until the come around.

I have to say I am a bloody lucky gal, I have amazing family, friends and BF, what more could a girl want, part from a closet full of Celine

Pics are all from rainbowzombiesatemyunicorn

May 2, 2011

My new celine obsession

My new obsession is the Classic Celine Box bag, my heart skips a beat every time I see a picture of this bag...its a essential part of my future happiness

its fashion week