Jan 29, 2012

Massive Post

Okay so I have been pretty absent but to explain I was in Melbourne for a week for work for a new job, and its been pretty busy since then. Im in sales appointments for the next 3 weeks so forgive me if I don't get a chance to post as much as I would like

Hope you enjoy this though

Jan 25, 2012

Just wanted to say

Sorry I haven't posted in ages, just started a new job travelled for the first week and this week back in this office has been crazy. 

Ill do a proper post over the week, have to say my new IM boots should arrive next week which my BF got me


Jan 8, 2012


Bloody love weekends

Looking forward to some arvo drinks with some hot gal friends of mine....hopefully the sun pops pops out....

Oh and i am moving, see my new home below