Feb 24, 2011


I am actually giddy after flicking through the Gucci collection, the jewel tones are amazing...

Thank god for all the colours that are coming through for next winter..

Feb 23, 2011

Dear Friends...

Dear friends in the Americas and Europe, you suck! As i sit at my boring desk which is in a dungeon mind you. I am having total life ENVY right now. So please stop complaining how cold it is, because you are there and i am here...SUCK IT UP

Feb 20, 2011

My new Obsession is the Celine Clutch pouch

I really really need one of these in my life, my actual survival depends upon it..I  love the pink one with the fluro piping....

Feb 17, 2011

Autumn/ Winter...i am ready

I can’t wait until it cools down..Now most of my friends that know me well will be falling off there chairs at that statement cause i HATE, and i mean HATE it, when its freezing...and i am normally dreaming of summer at these times
To be honest i only really like Autumn and Spring, they always have the right combination of temperature to keep me happy. Looking forward to getting my ass into some of this winters trends though


The Proenza Fall collection has me giddy, as you know colours make me mental...its like a frenzy of excitement. So you can imagine how I am after seeing this show. Inspired by a road trip to Santa Fe,  where they caught on to the beauty of Native American blankets. They then took this back and created their own prints...and they are freakin amazing...oh have I said that already....in the words of Rachel Zoe...” I DIE”