Oct 24, 2011

Cate Parr - amazing

How amazing is this fashion illustrator Cate Parr, her prints are beautiful...oh did I tell you my other obsession apart from rainbows, glitter, taxidermy and Isabel Marant...is watercolors....so obsessed it’s mental.

You can view all her work at www.cateparr.com

my new tattoo

As you know I am slightly obsessed with rainbows, have been since I was a child. So its only fitting that my new tattoo is from a beautiful picture I found on the unicorn diaries blog a few years ago, its a water colour rainbow the the colours bleed out from at the end of the rainbow.

I had it done by a guy at Bondi ink, called Brandon. He had the most amazing colour range and blew my mind in how vibrant he got the colours on my dark skin.


What a delish day

Pics from satorialist and style.com


I am loving white at the moment, white and white/ white and cream....just delish

I have recently just bought myself a pair of white jeans which I never thought I would do as I would just feel like JLO/ Liz Hurley but I found that by going up a size and having them a bit slouchy has worked well.