Jul 13, 2011

Ready for some warm delishiousness

So this time every year, i get over the cold and start counting down the days until Summer. Which feels like a lifetime away. Especially when the northern hemisphere is in summer and you keep seeing delishious colours and outfits on blogs and mags....

Dear Spring,

Please come soon.


The copycat

Jul 5, 2011

Jul 4, 2011

Home sweet home

So good to be home...I just got back from a 10 day cruise. Not my first choice for holidays but it was a family holiday organsie by my boyfriends dad.

Let’s say it a one of experience I will be happy to to experience again. Plus I was sea sick for 10 days, and now that I am back, the ground keeps moving. KILL ME NOW

It is sooo nice to be home back in bondi and to see my cuddly dog Danger Pants, I missed blogging, looking at blogs and just having access to the internet in general

P.S loving those balmain jackets