Jun 21, 2011

Freakin Internet

My internet has been down for days, and today was the day from hell trying to sort it out.

Yikes. Really looking forward to my holiday in 2 more days

Jun 14, 2011

Working from home today, cause its to wet and cold

I was born to wear this gold sequin pant set...

  pics from Jak and Jil, Elin Kling and Caroline's Mode


I have to tell you about an amazing up coming new Australian designer that I am seriously frothing over at the moment. Dannika Zen. I wish I could keep her stuff a secret so only I could be wearing these fabulous pieces, but they are to good to keep to myself

“Constructed from predominately leather and premium fabrications, each garment from Dannika Zen is underpinned by a belief in using the highest quality materials from around the world. We are always initially inspired by the raw materials and the make for each piece. Form and cut are often derived from timeless refined menswear and given a feminine edge. Through quality and a passion for design and construction, our company focuses on functionality and versatility that aim to redefine classicism in womenswear.

The design aesthetic at our company is based on simple ideals. We believe in the meticulous execution of all the fundamental aspects of each garment. The strength of our design lies in the finer details, our integration of materials and our interpretation of classic dress.

Beauty through functionality, versatility
and modernization.”

Have a look at her website www.dannikazen.com.au there is a shoponline part to...ahh the joy. I am waiting for this jacket to drop in my hands very shortly... then next on this list the sherling vest and leather blazer.


Jun 9, 2011

I love Winter fashion

But I hate Winter...i was born in a tropical country and for the life of mew can not cope with the cold...even though I have lived in Australian for 26 of my 29 years..

I just had a potential new client in the showroom today to discuss contracts, and we were all huddled with freezing fingers and toes...needles to say i need a stronger heater in here. As sitting at your desk with a jacket, scrarf, beanie and wishing you had wool fingerless gloves on as your type is not so practical.

pics from carolinesmode, streetsfn style.com and elin kling