Dec 16, 2010

Just hanging with the girls


I am quite a temperamental person and a 'all or nothing' type gal, so when i love something i become obsessive and when i don't there is a lot of focused hatred. So when i used to love hot pink it was back in the 90s when hot pants and Lycra (anyone remember HOUND DOG) were in... after i got over that obsession it developed into a deep hatred for Pink of any hue.. but lately years later i am back in the cycle and think its turning into a new LOVE...HOT PINK

Dear Santa,

Can i please have a pair of these DVF's for christmas....

Dec 14, 2010


Massive girl crush.

Taylor Tomasi - Accessories Editor at Marie Claire is my new girl crush...her ability to make clashing prints look like they were born to be melted together, her amazing hair...(her cut inspired my own very recent chop). And her very impressive resume from Teen Vogue to Marie Claire. What is not to love about this woman.